Get Free Flag Counter for Your Website

“Plain old ‘hit counters’ are boring! You need a flag counter!”

This is the slogan of offers a free counter with country flags.

Every time a visitor from a new country visits your page, a new flag will be added to your counter. The total number of visitors to your site from each country will be shown next to the flag, and you can click the flag to view all countries.

You can customize your flag counter, there are four options for you:

  • Maximum Flags to Show
  • Columns of Flags
  • Show Country Labels
  • Label on Top of Counter
Get your flag counter at
  1. Hi,I just came across your link while I was looking for the best way to get free flag counter back on my page.I accidentally delete it.Moreover,I didn’t copy the code.

    Is there any possible way then?
    Thanks so much for your advice in advance.

    Kind Regards,

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