New Black and White WordPress Theme (Updated:05/Nov/09)

Chang Log:

New Blockquote Design
Fix a missing “l” in a <li> of sidebar
Codes of blog title and description been changed, better code style, looks no difference

14/Aug/2009: Control panel added.

21/Jul/2009: Upgrade to WordPress 2.8 (Supporting threaded (nested) comments, sticky-post and comment pages)</li>

This is my second WordPress theme, I called it BlacknWhite because of the main colors of the theme are black and white. I created this theme according to l.m.orchard‘s blog. I added some small icons to improve the design. It’s released under GPL license, you can download it for free.

If you found any bug or you want to say something about the theme, please leave a comment below.

Theme Name: BlacknWhite
Theme Version: 2.0.1
Theme Author: Zack
Theme Category: Two Column Themes
Theme Properties: 2 columns, Fixed width, Widget ready, Right sidebar, Black, White

Download Here: BlacknWhite WordPress Theme

This theme is just been accepted by WordPress Official Theme Directory, you can now download and preview it from



Chang Log:
14/Aug/2009: Control panel added.
21/Jul/2009: Upgrade to WordPress 2.8 (Supporting threaded (nested) comments, sticky-post and comment pages)
06/Nov/2008: Fixed the little bug of sidebar in single page.

14/Aug/2009: Control panel added.

21/Jul/2009: Upgrade to WordPress 2.8 (Supporting threaded (nested) comments, sticky-post and comment pages)

06/Nov/2008: Fixed the little bug of sidebar in single page.

  1. There seems to be an issue with the side bar when viewing individual posts (i.e. click a post’s title). The side bar is underneath all the content. I’ve made no modifications to the theme.

  2. @Zack

    Many, many thanks! I’m downloading the new version right now. My girlfriend ( will be definitely happy. Just want to change some font colors and put a picture in the header for her, but i guess i will make it for myself.. :)

  3. Hi there,

    Great theme, it’s just what I’ve been looking for. I do have one question… is it possible to remove the grey bars on the top and bottom of the posts box and drop the blog title so that it’s centred in the black space at the top? I’m going for a really stripped down look.

    Thanks for all your efforts, greatly appreciated.

  4. Hi – I’m working on a project and this theme seems really suitable for it.

    However, the group I’m doing it really prefers a left hand sidebar. Do you have a version that offers that?

    Thanks so much!

  5. Zack I’m having the same problem with single.php.

    The link above still points to 1.0.1. When I change it to, the zip file is empty, and I don’t have anyway to decrypt a .rar file.
    Can you post the new file or, if the change was simple enough, just indicate what needs to be modified?

    Other than this it’s a slick theme.


  6. I’m using this theme on my blog but I’m real new at this. Did I make the wrong move putting this pic on my main page? Can I use it on single posts or not? Well, I like the way it looks though I don’t have the picture perfectly sized yet. (Just got tired of playing with it.) I like the theme, but just now found the link for the new version. Great to have it, thank you!

  7. Hi

    I have been happily using your theme except for the single post/breaking sidebar issue. When I try to download from this page, or from the link in the comments above, I seem to have the same issue.

    Is there a fixed version?

  8. I just started using it and I love it. :)

    Only thing I’ve noticed so far is that the info at the bottom says “Gray Lines Theme by Zack” instead of, perhaps, “Black n White Theme by Zack”.

    I’ll be making any changes I make available – probably not much I’d do though since I love clean layouts. 😉

  9. Hi Zack,
    I really like your there, but I am not able to install it.
    I tried uploading the .rar file that you had linked, but WordPress doesn’t unzip rar and neither does my mac.
    The Download link on top still goes to the 1.0.1 version.
    Do help.

  10. Hello Zach, great theme you have here! will you be so kind to post the patch file of the mod instead? I’ve made considerable mods on your theme already and i’m having difficulty seeing where the actual fix is. Thanks!

  11. @Zack that would be a file containing just the difference between old code and the new. :) anyway, i traced it and found out it had something to do with single posts not having comments. what i did was simply move a <div> above a condition in the comments.php. everything seems to be okay now. thanks again! :)

  12. What a great theme! I love it very much.Thanks,Zack.But I think that there is a problem for me. How can I change the color of the article’s title?Some of them are not seen by guests.
    (I’m from China,and my English is poor.)

  13. Hi Zack. This comment thing is starting to get a little spammy…

    I’ve recently installed a few addons that recommended that wp_footer(); be run in footer.php. Without it, certain features don’t work. For example, Google Analyticator has a feature called “Footer tracking code” which puts the tracking code in the footer instead of the header which theoretically speeds up the page render. This isn’t likely to make a huge dent – but every bit counts.

    If the option is enabled with the BlacknWhite theme as is, google analytics doesn’t work at all.

    I’ve added the function in and it appears to be running fine without issue. See where I’ve added the single line.

  14. Dear Zack,

    I have one problem with this theme. The calendar doesn’t show the dates with entries in different color. I could not find where i can change that from. Would appreciate your guidance. Thank you.

  15. @motozen that’s the only thing I hadn’t yet mentioned to Zack for my own blog since I forgot about it. Thx. :)

    Otherwise, I’m busy making a background image. That’s probably the main thing that should be used with this theme to make it unique. :)

  16. This is a simple and elegant theme, easy to modify css, but a serious glitch everyone should know about. Sidebar displays improperly on the single post pages. Simple to fix. In the single.php file, the second nav link is placed outside the container div. I’m happy to send the modified file to anyone using this theme. Email me at luciddesignstudios {at} yahoo {dot} com.

  17. This is a great theme. Thanks. However I’ve recently noticed a small problem. I have a text widget in the sidebar that doesn’t display on all pages, only the home page. Is there any way to fix this?

  18. having the side bar issue. uploaded your latest sidebar.php file to my server and doesnt seem to solve the issue. the funny thing is it only happens on new posts and only when im logged in as admin. Old posts look great. Any ideas?

  19. Have you noticed that in Firefox 3.5.1, the tagline appears behind grey bar where “Previous” & “Next” appear and behind the Sidebar, also? I’ve download version 1.0.2. using the link above

  20. Hello,

    I’ve been working on my blog with this theme but I can’t figure out how to establish the searchform.php which was not in the file I downloaded. I can put the widget “search” but the tool isn’t there.

    Could you please tell me how to fix that?



  21. Hi,
    I use your theme for quite some time now on my blog. And really like it.

    There is one problem though: The error page (404.php) for some reason has a black background, which makes the text (which is also black) a little hard to read.

    Also the 404 page seams to still suffer from the ‘sidebar below the content’ bug.

  22. Hey Zack – Back to Tony’s request for help on the Techified theme you are using…but with a much improved copyright & credit to the author at the bottom. I downloaded the .rar you posted and overwrote the footer_content.php — but no change. Now there is just some .js stuff down at the bottom and I can’t find where to edit the text to get rid of all the cell phone plugs. Can you help? Would really appreciate!

  23. Z –

    Totally got rid of the .js stuff – thanks – but still can’t change the text pre-included in the theme because it’s encrypted inside of ‘footer.php’ – not footer_content.php. Erasing content of footer.php or trying to put in your own html just make the whole footer disappear. Can you share what your footer.php looks like to allow you to get rid of all that cell phone ad stuff? REALLY appreciate! :)

  24. Oh – I’m SO close! That footer.rar link came back with a 404 error page? I know you are taking a LOT of your time to help me – so THANK YOU in advance for all the trouble!!!!!!! :)

  25. hey Zack, thanks for making this theme it’s perfect for what I’m doing. One small problem I have is that i can’t get rid of all the widgets. when I remove them I get a whole load by default. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again!

  26. Hey Zack – the link for the footer.rar doesn’t let me download it — it just takes me to a 404 error page…is the file loaded in that August ’09 uploads folder? Thanks!!!!

  27. Hi!

    Love your BlacknWhite theme, and trying to use it I’ve come to one “tweak” that I dont understand how I should do.

    When you list the posts with the category or with the “archive” widget. The list of posts is only like the first 4-5 lines of the actual post.

    is it possible to list the complete posts?. I’m trying to use it for a “portfolio” like blog and need the full posts to show up in the listings. I really hope you can help me out!


    Johan Falkman.

  28. Hi Zack. :( You uploaded footer_content.php and I think it’s footer.php that we’re after. We’re trying to get rid of the encrypted code that is in the footer.php file so that we can change the credits in the very bottom black bar and also add Google Analytics. :(

  29. Hi Zack! Any change you can post a copy of your footer.php file (not your footer_content.php)? I’m trying to get rid of the telephone ads and what not in the very bottom black footer bar like you have and it’s the footer.php file that appears to have all the encryption on it. I’m trying to use Google Analytics for my site and can’t install it into the footer with all that encryption on there. Thanks for the help!

  30. HI thanks for the theme working out real well. One problem though. When I try adding my adsense code in the single.php file the whole pages disappears. Is there a easy way to add adsense above every post? Thank you

  31. Hey Zack,

    Great work with the theme! I love it!! So much that when I’m facing a problem I want to find a solution rather than change the theme.

    You see, it’s great and works great on FF & Chrome, but my blog goes totally mad when seen in Opera or IE.

    Did you face this yourself? Any pointers?


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