LockerZ Offers Free Gifts for Playing Games


Is it possible to get a free MacBook or iPod for playing games? LockerZ is a new website still in beta version, users of LockerZ gain points(PTZ) via playing games, answer questions and watching videos. These points can be used to change with real gifts, like MacBook, iPod, Wii, Amazon Gift Card and so on. Check out the list below:

Samsung 40″ 1080P / 120Hz / LCD HDTV – 3200 PTZ
MacBook Air 13″ – 2500 PTZ
MacBook Pro 13″ – 1500 PTZ
MacBook 13″ – 1000 PTZ
iPod Touch 64GB – 800 PTZ
PSP – 675 PTZ
Xbox – 675 PTZ
PS3 – 625 PTZ
iPod Nano – 425 PTZ
DSi – 375 PTZ
iPod Shuffle – 200 PTZ
iPod Shuffle (1GB) – 150 PTZ

You win PTZ by daily login(2 PTZ), answering questions(2 PTZ) and inviting friends(2 PTZ). For now, you must have invitation to register, if you want to give it a shot, you can comment on this this post, I will send a invitation to your email. It’s available for global users since October.

The invitation looks like this one:

lockerz_02Click on the link to register, after fill in your information, you can start to earn PTZ.

lockerzClick “PLAY” on the bottom, the game will be started, just catch as more PTZ as you can.

lockerz_05You can find the questions by click on “DAILIES” at the right bottom. You can only gain PTZ from the question of today.

lockerz_08After invited 20 friends, you will be on the Z-List, like a VIP, you will gain twice PTZ, 4 PTZ for a question, for example. I heard that someone from Taiwan had received a $50 iTune Gift Card, let me know if you’ve got your gift.

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