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I just started a new gadgets blog, so I design a new theme for it, iTech Theme. This is a high quality, low graphics, Lightweight, fast-rendering and professional WordPress Theme, inspired by SixRevisions,  especially good for technology and gadgets blogs. A tabbed block is added to sidebar for displaying Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Recent Comments. Built in control panel(Theme Options), you can set customized RSS feed, email subscription, twitter subscription and header logo. Compatible with WordPress 2.7 and above(including 2.8.6), support threaded (nested) comments, sticky-post and comment pages.

tab-siderbarTabbed block is added to sidebar for displaying Recent Posts, Popular Posts and Recent Comments in a small amont of space.

subscriptionSubscriptions of RSS feed, Email and Twitter is placed at the top navigation bar and can be customized in admin panel(Theme Settings):

settingsThere are total 6 setting you can customized:

  1. RSS Feed Title
  2. Custom RSS Feed: URL of customized RSS feed, you can put your Feedburner Feed here.
  3. Email Subscription: For Feedburner users, you need to enable this function in Publicize settings in Feedburner. And then change ZackLive to your Feedburner id. If you have any troubles with this settings, feel free to contact me by commenting below.
  4. Twitter Subscription: Enter your Twitter name here.
  5. Logo URL: Enter the URL of your logo, your can upload it to your server or image hostings like Flickr, and then copy and paste the link here.
  6. Show Description or not: Sometime you don’t want your description to be displayed, while you are using image logo, just check this, your description will not be showed.

Download iTech WordPress Theme

iTech theme in action on

iTech WordPress theme is released under GPL License.

Please let me know if you found any bugs.

Thanks to Dan Breslau for helping me with bugs. I’ve learned a lot from Dan.

  1. really nice clean theme. I’m trying to increase the height of the header so I can drop in a bit larger logo (my logo is86px tall) but struggling. Could you possibly tell me how to do that? Do I need to increase the height of the bg_header.png file? Thanks so much.

  2. @beth: I solved this in my child theme. I copied the bg_header.jpg file to the child theme, then removed the bottom part of the image, leaving only the gradient. (I use CSS to set the background colors for the lower part of the header). I also set #logo’s background as follows:

    background: url(“images/bg_header.jpg”) #464646 bottom repeat-x scroll;

    This pushes the gradient image to the bottom of the #logo; the background color that fills in the top (#464646) matches the top of the gradient.

    The result is that the header doesn’t need to have a specific height, but (I think) it has the same visual appeal.

    The CSS for the child theme is here; you can see the result by going to my blog.

  3. @Zack — This is a follow-up on an email I sent you about some bugs in the iTech theme, including:

    1) The configuration option for “RSS Feed Title” seems to have no effect. (I fixed this in the header.php file.)

    2) The style.css contains a selector:
    .post h2 a:link, a:visited{

    This selects all a:visited links, not just the ones that are descended from .post h2 . As a result, most visited links don’t look right. I’m pretty sure you meant this:
    .post h2 a:link, .post h2 a:visited {

    I also added some styles for tables that I think fit the theme well.

    Would you like me to send you the files?

  4. Hi Zak!

    First up – awesome theme, thank you so much for putting the hard work into making this and for your generosity in making it FREE! Brilliant work!

    I have a wee problem where the ‘Recent Posts, Comments and Tag Cloud’ components of the sidebar do not ‘fold up’ when the page loads. You have to actually click one of the tabs for it to sort itself out. Happens in Chrome, IE and Firefox in Windows and MacOS X.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks again!


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