Google Releases Google Buzz

You may already know about Yahoo Buzz, and now Google is going to release Google Buzz, a new social networking feature of Google, which will be integrated into Gmail and available for mobile phone.

One thing attracts me is that Google Buzz will automatically follow 40 people for you. These 40 people will be ones that you contacted most frequently.

For more information, you can visit the Google Buzz official page: Google Buzz.

And this is a introduction of Google Buzz from Google official blog: Introducing Google Buzz.

The following two videos are from Google blog to introduce Google Buzz and how it works on mobile phones.

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]
  1. Google has just revealed their new product, Google Buzz. Finally they are social now!! The product is a package that is layered in Gmail with the integration of other social networking services like Twitter. All the features of other social services are structured into this.

    Is Buzz — Google’s new Twitter and Facebook-like social stream — the product that’s going to win Google a dominant — or at least prominent — place in the social web?

    I think It is difficult for Google Buzz to compete with Facebook.

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