Less Theme: A Blank Theme for WordPress Theme Designers

I’ve think about this for a while, and now the first version is ready to go. The Less theme is a blank or a template theme for WordPress theme designers, it supports the latest WordPress, has all common functions a WordPress theme should have. It was designed in simple layout so that you can easily modify it, to make your own themes.

I create this theme, because I want to have a basic template to start with when I create a new theme. By copying this theme and change the name, I don’t need to re-create those must-have files, you know, index.php, single.php, comments.php, etc.

Less theme supports latest version of WordPress, which means it supports threaded (nested) comments, sticky-post and comment pages. A theme options page is added, you can change the header logo and set your own RSS feed(like a Feedburner feed). Trackbacks are separated from comments, it makes the post page looks better.

That’s all for now, I’ll keep updating this theme as it’s the basic of all my new themes. You can use it for your new themes as well, wish this theme helps you too.

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