Free Premium WordPress Theme: Stylize

Stylize is an elegant, gorgeous and stylish magazine style Premium WordPress Theme. It supports latest WordPress(2.9+) functions, including thumbnails, threaded (nested) comments, comment pages, sticky post.

Stylize is inspired by Hypebeast, I add a top billboard slider, which you can set images and links in options page. A tabbed sidebar section is added as well to display more information in less place. In single post page, I separate trackbacks from comments, this makes the post looks clear and much professional.

The theme settings page is the big point of Stylize theme, I spent a lot of time on it. In the settings page, you can set head logo, enable or disable slider, slider images and links(as many as five slides), enable or disable sidebar subscription, customize subsciption images and links, enable or disable tabs,  tabs’ title, customize RSS feed, add content to footer(Google Analytics code, for example).

Single Post Page

Standard Features

  1. Supports WordPress 3.0+.
  2. Supports WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu(with Dropdown Menus).
  3. Supports Custom Background Color
  4. Supports WordPress thumbnails, uses thumbnails in front page, you can easily add thumbnail to a post in editor page(right bottom).
  5. Supports threaded (nested) comments and comment pages.
  6. Supports sticky post.

Advanced Features

  1. Ajax slider, you can set every things of slider in theme settings.
  2. Ajax Tabs, you can set every things of tabs in theme settings, too.
  3. Separate Pingbacks/Trackbacks from comments, this makes post pages look better.
  4. Supports WP-PageNavi.
  5. Full-functional theme settings, a lot of settings had been added to the settings page, check out the following image.

Powerful Theme Settings

Powerful Theme Settings
  1. Customize Logo settings.
  2. Sidebar subscription settings, you can customize your RSS feed here(like changing to Feedburner feed).
  3. Sidebar tabs settings.
  4. Slider settings.
  5. Footer settings, add your Google Analytics code here.

Hight Lights

Top Slider with Fade Out Effect
Thumbnail is used in front page
Separate Trackbacks from Comments
Sidebar Tabs
Sidebar Subscription


  1. After activated Stylize theme, remember to go to Stylize Setting page to set theme options.
  2. Stylize theme uses post thumbnail, remember to set thumbnail for your post.
    Add Thumbnail



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