The latest version of Bones starter theme is very friendly to the official Theme Check plugin. Eddie had done a great job to make this happen in the last update. But when I got Bones on my WordPress blog and ran Theme Check, I still found several ‘errors’ needed to be fixed. This is what I got from the plugin:

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The other day, I was working with No Newz. I realized it would be a good idea to put a large Facebook share button after post content. I did some search and found that many bloggers are looking for the same function, so I write this post. Actually it’s pretty easy to do. First, you need to create a function to display the button. And then use add_filter() to add the button to the content. Let’s go through the details.

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It’s been a long time since I published my last WordPress Theme. Recently I started a new website: No Newz is Good News to share things that are worth sharing online. I decided to develop a new theme.

As so many things are different now, I sought for a starter theme or a theme framework to begin with. After trying several of them, I found Bones and Underscore. Both are great, but if possible, I hoped I could have two more things in my themes which are: Bootstraps and a powerful option panel. I thought it’s impossible to find a starter theme to have all these stuff together, but I met BREW.  Dan Brown was looking for the same things as I did, he didn’t find any, so he created one by his own.

Updated to version 1.0.3 : 29/June/2014

  • Bugs fixed.

Updated to version 1.0.2 : 14/May/2014

  • Fixed a bug in comments.

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This is a post of my WordPress Complete Tutorial series.

For all tutorials in this series, please visit:

What is Links/Blogrolls

The last thing I want to talk about is: Links. You can see there are some other sections that I didn’t mentioned, like Polls, that’s because these sections are only available on, you won’t find them in your self-hosted WordPress. And they are very easy to understand, just go try out if you’re interested. Links are URLs on your blog that you want to share with your readers, for example, if you’re blogging about iPhone, you may like to put a link to on our blog. Or mostly you can put a link to your friends’ blogs. We usually call blog links as Blogrolls.

Add New Links on

It’s very easy to deal with links on WordPress. Let’s go to the Admin Panel and click on Links section. WordPress Links Here you can find all your links on your blog. By default, WordPress will set up several links to websites related to WordPress. You can delete them if you don’t need them any more. Everything looks familiar here, right? It’s just the same as the Posts/Pages/Comments sections, so you know how to play with it. Let’s try to add a link to my original blog: Click on Add New under the Links section. This is how we add a new link: WordPress Add LinkEnter the information of the link:

  • Name: Link text to display
  • Web Address: Link URL
  • Description: One line description

Link category can be set under the Links section, or you can directly add a new category here by clicking on Add New Category, it’ll be just the same as creating a post category. Target defines how to get to the website of the link – open the link in a new widow or tab(_blank) or in the currant window or tab(_top & _none). The difference between _top and _none is that _top will break all frames(if there is any) and display the page as a top page. That’s all we need to set for a new link, if you don’t want others to see this link, you can check Keep this link private, and then click on Add Link.

Link Widget

Links will not be showed on our blog automatically, we need to add a Link Widget to our theme to display links. Go to Widgets under Appearance. We’ve talked about widgets in our earlier post. Find a widget call Links, drag and drop it to Sidebar, you can change the order of widgets. That’s all, now refresh the blog to see our new link. WordPress Links Widget


That’s all about From the next post, we’ll talk about self-hosted WordPress, you will learn how to install WordPress on your own server.