SEOprofiler: Free Backlinks Checker


TheĀ free backlink checker shows you which web pages link to your website and to the sites of your competitors. You will find the strongest pages, the most popular anchor text and mure more. You get access to the most accurate backlink database on the Internet!

Here is the report, the Linking Pages tab shows who link to your website and which pages they link to:

Link SEOprofiler

Anchor Texts tab shows popular keywords that are used to link to your website:

Anchor Texts SEOprofiler

Link Metrics shows the trend of your backlinks.

Link Metrics SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler offers great information of your website’s backlinks, you can understand more about the SEO status of your website.

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W3Counter: Powerful Real Time Traffic Counter


W3Counter is the most powerful traffic counter I found. It tracks almost everything you need to know, like unique visits, search terms, locations of visitors, referrers and more. There is a Live View page showing real time data, such as Online Now, Twitter Mentions.

Twitter Mentions W3Counter

W3Counter offers free and pro accounts. As free account, you can track 1 website and up to 5,000 page views per day.

You need to sign up to use W3Counter service. After sign up, enter information of your website to create the counter:

W3Counter Website Information

Here is your tracking code, paste it on your website.

W3Counter Tracking Code

If you are using WordPress, you can install the plugin of W3Counter. Search Blog Stats by W3Counter plugin and install it.

Blog Stats by W3Counter WordPress Plugin

Go to Settings, find W3Counter, Enter your website ID and W3Counter account information.

W3Counter Configuration

You can now check out your stats report on W3Counter or directly on WordPress Dashboard.

W3Counter Stats

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SEO Stats: Free SEO Information Widgets

SEO Stats: Free SEO Information Widgets

SEO Stats are simple widgets from Japan. Seven different widgets are included. Each widget displays different information like online users number, PageRank, unique visits and so on.

SEO Stats is a Japanese website, but it’s easy to understand. To get your widget, click on the one you like, enter your website URL and the reCaptcha, click Send Out, the only button on the screen:

SEO Stats Widget

The final step is to copy the code and paste it on your website.

SEO Stats Code