Free Icons: Web Application Icons Set

Web Application Icons Set is released by WebAppers. There are 20 icons designed specially for web applications (e.g. Charts, Profile, Search, Add, Delete, Email, Print, Warning and etc…) with 3D effect and glossy style.

Icons come in 3 sizes; 48×48 px, 32×32 px, and 24×24 px. All of them are in PNG format with transparent background.

You can use Web Application Icons Set in both private and commercial projects.

DOWNLOAD Web Application Icons Set

Free Icons: CMS Icon Set

CMS Icon Set is a set with 12 high quality icons in 48×48px, available in the .png-format. The set was designed to be used in content management systems, but can also be useful for other user interface designs. This goodie was designed by the Russian design studio Pixel-Mixer.

As always, you can this icon set in both private and commercial projects.


[via: Smashing Magazine]

Free Icons: Apple Mug Icons And Extra

Apple Mug Icons And Extra is a icon set contains 5 icons of mugs with Apple and social media logos. All icons are available in .PNG and .ICNS, and size in 64, 128, 256, 512 pixels.

Apple Mug Icons And Extra is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Which means you can use these icons for private projects, but for commercial uses, some rights are reserved, please read the license before you use the icons on commercial projects.

Apple Mug Icons and Extras
Free Icons: Medical Icons Set

Medical Icons Set, a set with 60 original medical icons in .png 32 bit in resolutions 32×32px and 128×128px. This set was designed by the user interface design agency Centigrade.

The icons can serve as great in-app icons for desktop or RIAs in the medical domain. With perspective and reflective effects these can be a real stunner on landing pages or in touch screen application menus.

As always, you can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects.

Medical IconsDOWNLOAD Medical Icons Set

[via: Smashing Magazine]