This is the third post of my WordPress Complete Tutorial series.

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In the last post, we created a blog on We will continue working on that blog, the topic of today is the themes.

Change Your Theme

How the blog is displayed is based on the theme used. Let’s go to the blog we created,, At the bottom of the page, we can see this blog is using a theme called, Wu Wei which is designed by Jeff Ngan. Let’s try some other themes. Themes

Go back to Admin Panel, you can visit Admin Panel by adding wp-admin to your blog’s URL, in this case, it will be:

Click Appearance->Themes. There are a lot of great themes listed here. Most of them are free to use, some Premium themes require you to purchase.

We go with some popular themes. Click Popular under Browse Themes in the middle of the page. These are the most popular themes on You can find some well-designed themes here. We will try INove theme for this time.

Scroll down the page to the bottom, you’ll find INove theme. Or type INove in the search box to find it. INove Theme

It shows the name of the theme, a short description and tags. Tags describe the features of the theme, such as two-columns, right-sidebar.

Now click on Preview to see how it works for your blog, or click on Activate to use this theme. I’ve activated INove theme, let’s see what’s the difference. Blog Theme

A totally new blog! Just one click you’ve got a new design of your blog. And it’s all free, what can be better?

Sidebar and Widgets

You may notice that INove has a right sidebar, which is different from the default theme. We can edit the sidebar from Admin Panel. Widgets

Click Appearance->Widgets.

Widget is one of the most amazing things of WordPress. It’s a small tool which contains different features, such as showing latest posts. You can add or remove these widgets to your blog by drag-and-drop. You don’t need to edit any code to change the layout of your blog.

Widgets are usually used in sidebar. Sidebar is like a container for widgets, you put widgets into a sidebar so that the widgets can be functional.

Some themes have only one sidebar, others may have several, there is no limitation to the number of sidebars, it’s all based on the design of the theme.

INove theme has one sidebar, right sidebar. You can drag-and-drop your favorite widgets into it. It’s better that we put some thing that will help readers to find out more about our blog in the sidebar. Like Categories, Recent Posts and so on.

After modifying the sidebar, we need to refresh our blog to see how it works.

WordPress Sidebar

We’ve got the new sidebar now. If you want to remove any widget, just drag and drop it off the sidebar area.

WordPress Menu

Let’s set up the menu for the blog.

Go to Admin Panel, click on Appearance->Menus.

Wordpress Menu

The left hand side is inactivate, because there is no menu for now. We can create a menu by entering a name for the menu and click Create Menu. Here we use “My Menu” as the name.

WordPress Menu

Ok, we’ve got our menu. We need to allocate the menu to theme – select a Theme Location for the menu. There is only one menu location in this theme, the Primary Navigation. We choose My Menu for this location and click Save.

WordPress Menu Item

We can set up items for the menu now. The first item we need is a Home button which is a link back to the home of the blog. We will add a Custom Link to the menu. Enter the URL of the blog, in this case, it’s “” and “HOME” as Label. Click Add to Menu.

We have our first item for the menu, let’s add more. Check the Page of “About” and click Add to Menu. Do the same to our only category, “Uncategorized”. So that there are three menu items. We can edit and remove them by clicking the triangle on the items.

WordPress Menu Edit

Remember to click Save Menu when finishing editing. Refresh the blog to see the new menu.

WordPress Blog Menu

Everything works fine.


In this tutorial, you learned:

  • Changing WordPress Theme
  • Editing Sidebar and the concept of Widget
  • Editing Blog Menu

In the coming tutorial, We’ll go through other settings of WordPress.

Animes WordPress Theme

Theme nameAnimes Theme
Version: 1.0
WordPress Version: 3.x
TagsWidget ReadyFixed WidthThreaded CommentsMagazine StyleThree Columns


Animes is another feminine Anime-inspired theme, this time with a cream, pink and burgundy color scheme. It includes space for ads, an options page, and a featured content slideshow on the homepage.

Animes is a free premium WordPress theme with options page and supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche specially for manga or anime websites or blogs.


  • Options Page
  • Featured Content
  • 125×125 banners ready (easy editable from admin options)
  • 468×60 pixels Header Banner ready (easy editable from admin options)
  • Three columns
  • Gravatar on Comments
  • Compatible with latest WordPress versions
  • Widgets Ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fixed width
  • Logo .PSD included in theme folder.
  • Tested and compatible with all major browsers: IE, FF, Safari



Wordpress Theme

Here is a collection of all Free WordPress Themes we found in December. We will be looking for more great WordPress Themes for you.

Visit our Free WordPress Themes page.

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Free WordPress Theme: Sun Set Theme

Theme nameSun Set Theme
Version: 1.0
WordPress Version: 3.x
Support Website

WordPress Theme: Sun Set Theme

Free WordPress Theme: Sederhana

Theme nameSederhana
AuthorMoch. Zamroni
WordPress Version3.0+
Support websiteTookangweb

Free WordPress Theme: Sederhana

Free WordPress Theme: Businezz

Theme nameBusinezz
AuthorJai Nischal Verma
WordPress Version3.0+
Support websiteBlog Oh Blog

WordPress Theme DEMO
Free WordPress Theme: Businezz

Free WordPress Theme: Skeptical

Theme nameSkeptical
AuthorNur Fathihah
WordPress Version3.0+
Support websiteWooThemes

WordPress Theme DEMO
Free WordPress Theme: Skeptical

Free WordPress Theme: Channel

Theme nameChannel
AuthorRoy Guan
WordPress Version2.8.4
Support websiteTheme Junkie

Free WordPress Theme: Channel

Free WordPress Theme: Vector Flower

Theme nameVector Flower
Version: 1.0
Author: ezwpthemes
WordPress Version: 3.x
Support websiteezwpthemes

Free WordPress Theme: Vector Flower

Free WordPress Theme: Bintaro

Theme nameBintaro
Version: 1.0
AuthorMoch. Zamroni
WordPress Version: 3.x
Support WebsiteWP Charity

Free WordPress Theme: Bintaro

Free WordPress Theme: Mansion

Theme nameMansion
Version: 0.3
AuthorChandra Maharzan
WordPress Version: 3.x
Support WebsiteGraphPaperPress

Free WordPress Theme: Mansion

WordPress Theme Damla

Theme nameDamla
Version: 1.0
WordPress Version: 3.x

Free WordPress Theme: Damla

Stylize is an elegant, gorgeous and stylish magazine style Premium WordPress Theme. It supports latest WordPress(2.9+) functions, including thumbnails, threaded (nested) comments, comment pages, sticky post.

Stylize is inspired by Hypebeast, I add a top billboard slider, which you can set images and links in options page. A tabbed sidebar section is added as well to display more information in less place. In single post page, I separate trackbacks from comments, this makes the post looks clear and much professional.

The theme settings page is the big point of Stylize theme, I spent a lot of time on it. In the settings page, you can set head logo, enable or disable slider, slider images and links(as many as five slides), enable or disable sidebar subscription, customize subsciption images and links, enable or disable tabs,  tabs’ title, customize RSS feed, add content to footer(Google Analytics code, for example).

Single Post Page

Standard Features

  1. Supports WordPress 3.0+.
  2. Supports WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu(with Dropdown Menus).
  3. Supports Custom Background Color
  4. Supports WordPress thumbnails, uses thumbnails in front page, you can easily add thumbnail to a post in editor page(right bottom).
  5. Supports threaded (nested) comments and comment pages.
  6. Supports sticky post.

Advanced Features

  1. Ajax slider, you can set every things of slider in theme settings.
  2. Ajax Tabs, you can set every things of tabs in theme settings, too.
  3. Separate Pingbacks/Trackbacks from comments, this makes post pages look better.
  4. Supports WP-PageNavi.
  5. Full-functional theme settings, a lot of settings had been added to the settings page, check out the following image.

Powerful Theme Settings

Powerful Theme Settings

  1. Customize Logo settings.
  2. Sidebar subscription settings, you can customize your RSS feed here(like changing to Feedburner feed).
  3. Sidebar tabs settings.
  4. Slider settings.
  5. Footer settings, add your Google Analytics code here.

Hight Lights

Top Slider with Fade Out Effect

Thumbnail is used in front page

Separate Trackbacks from Comments

Sidebar Tabs

Sidebar Subscription


  1. After activated Stylize theme, remember to go to Stylize Setting page to set theme options.
  2. Stylize theme uses post thumbnail, remember to set thumbnail for your post.

    Add Thumbnail