It’s been a long time since I published my last WordPress Theme. Recently I started a new website: No Newz is Good News to share things that are worth sharing online. I decided to develop a new theme.

As so many things are different now, I sought for a starter theme or a theme framework to begin with. After trying several of them, I found Bones and Underscore. Both are great, but if possible, I hoped I could have two more things in my themes which are: Bootstraps and a powerful option panel. I thought it’s impossible to find a starter theme to have all these stuff together, but I met BREW.  Dan Brown was looking for the same things as I did, he didn’t find any, so he created one by his own.

Updated to version 1.0.3 : 29/June/2014

  • Bugs fixed.

Updated to version 1.0.2 : 14/May/2014

  • Fixed a bug in comments.

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Free WordPress Theme: Skeptical

Theme nameSkeptical
AuthorNur Fathihah
WordPress Version3.0+
Support websiteWooThemes
TagsThree Columns, Left SidebarRight SidebarWidget ReadyFixed WidthThreaded Comments, Menu Support


Skeptical’s layout is very flexible in the sense that you can display “related posts” next to your latest posts on the home page, OR have a completely widgetized sidebar. Not only that, you can also add your Flickr stream to the footer region and showcase three noteworthy blog posts tagged with a specific tag that you declare in the theme options.

WordPress Theme DEMO
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GrayLines WordPress Theme

From Now on all my themes will be released on WordPress Hey.

Gray Lines is the first WordPress theme I created. By the time it was released, there is still no threaded comments, comment page or built-in menu. WordPress’s growing quite fast, quite a lot of features been added, thus I upgraded this theme several times, in this version, I added menu support for WordPress 3.x to make it up to date. Wish you like it.

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I was thinking about translating my themes to other languages, so that I started to search for some information. And I found it’s not that easy as I imagined. Some details need to be concerned.

I thought maybe I can write a tutorial for this, but later I decided it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Here I will introduce you for some great tutorials on WordPress Themes Translation, wish may help you.

    Official translating tutorial from codex, most of the concepts you need to know was introduced. But this is not just for translating themes, but about the whole WordPress translating. If you are new to this topic, this should be your first post.
  2. Localizing WordPress Themes & Plugins
    This is a great and detailed tutorial on how to make your themes and plugins translatable.
  3. Translating WordPress Plugins & Themes
    From the same author as the second tut, while the above one is about making your themes and plugins translatable, this tut is talking about translating themes and plugins in practice with poEdit and GNU Gettext.
  4. Make Your WordPress Theme Ready For Translation
    This is a tutorial I wrote before, as you can see in the title, it’s about making your theme translatable.
  5. My Tutorials on Translating WordPress Theme (Chinese)
    As there are not enough Chinese tutorials on translating WrodPress themes, I translated and wrote  this series of translating tuts according to above 3 tuts.

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