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Free Minimalist WordPress Theme for Blogging: Zack 2017

Have you ever wonder:

What makes a WordPress theme great for blogging?

Nowadays most themes come with tons of features, but do you really need them? I bet you don’t know every feature of your theme, because you never touch some of them or you just don’t know what these features are there for.

This is why I created this new theme: Zack theme. It’s a minimalist WordPress theme, for only one purpose, blogging, which means it values your content the most. Consider it as a paleo diet for your blog: it contains only things that are necessary. I remove all the fats that exist in other so called “full-featured” theme. You just want to blog, right?

Now, I will walk you through the design and the major features, which are not many, of the Zack theme.

A clean and elegant design makes reading 10x more pleasing.

simple design minimalist theme

I intentionally keep the design minimal, yet beautiful. WPBeginner notes that an aesthetically pleasing design is critical for choosing a theme.

As you can see, the color scheme, if there is one, is rather simple, basically just black and white. But I use softer black, because it’s more comfortable to read. More space is left between content so that it will stand out more.

For typography, I choose Raleway and Lato from Google web fonts. They are among the most popular fonts on Google. Both of them are sans serif typeface, which are cleaner and easy to read. Here are the characters of the two fonts, are they beautiful?

Raleway web font
Raleway web font
Lato web font
Lato web font

Content is king! Still true in 2017.

Blogging is all about content. That’s why you need a minimalist WordPress theme which cares about the content of your website. I do everything to make your content stand out. The first thing I do is to move the featured image to the very front in your post, even before the title, so that it can catch people’s eye balls right away. Same to videos, if you choose Videos as the post type when you are writing a post. Nowadays, people are spoiled by images and videos. We help you to use this to your advantage. Of course, you are responsible for choosing the right and appealing images and videos.

featured image design

After the main content, a nice tag list is brought to you, as well as a related post section. This way, your visitors can easily find more articles on blog to continue reading. As usual, they are clean and modern.

related post design

Fastest minimalist WordPress theme: our goal! You deserved it.

Google has officially written on the blog that speed matters for SEO. So you should try your best to boost the loading speed of your blog and I am here to help.

fast loading speed

With the minimal design of the Zack theme, the speed of your website will rock. As I keep this in mind during the process of developing this theme, many techniques are implemented to lower the loading time, including minimizing all the CSS and JS files. So after activating the Zack theme, you are in a good position in terms of loading speed.

Free forever! Maintenance will continue for years.

Zack theme is free under GPL license, which means you can do whatever you want with it, tweak it, use on your personal and commercial projects, etc. And I’ve decided to keep it free forever.

It’s always frustrating to see a good theme without any update for years. Since WordPress is moving forward every year, every responsible theme developer should keep updating their themes to keep up with the pace of WordPress. I know if you decided to use a theme, you will probably stick with it for quite a while, nobody wants to use a outdated theme. Therefore, I’m committed to continue the development of this theme for at least years. So don’t worry about getting left behind by WordPress, I’ll take care of your theme, and you focus on your content creation, sounds good?

By the way, I’ve uploaded this theme to Github. If you want to take a look, click here.

zack theme github

Everything necessary for the best minimalist WordPress theme.

Zack theme ships with everything you need for a great theme. Such as:

Responsive design:

In 2017, responsiveness is required by every well-designed website. It is not just for the user experience, but also helps ranking in Google search. Google has already stated that a responsive website ranks higher than a non-responsive website in search result. Zack theme is 100% responsive, which looks great in desktop, tablet and mobile screen.

responsive wordpress theme

Google fonts:

Typography is extremely important for a content-focused website, as well as a minimal design blog. Raleway and Lato fonts are great, but they might not be your cup of tea. So we’ve included more than a 100 Google fonts for you to choose from.

Compatibility with WordPress Customizer:

Customizer is a new and big function introduced by WordPress officially. It makes customization of a WordPress website much easier. Zack theme is compatible with Customizer, which allows you to use it the way you want to.

wordpress customizer

Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

I take SEO seriously. I know you want your posts to be read, which means to be indexed and ranked high on Google. As a theme designer, I always keep that in mind and never stop studying on SEO. This theme is the result of years of research. SEO is taken care on the design level. If you cares SEO as much I do, I suggest you to read Brian Dean’s article on On-page SEO.

These are the most important features. Many other considerations for a good minimalist theme are being done as well. In a nutshell, Zack theme is ready to be put in to use as one of the best WordPress theme on the market. I hope you like it and find it helpful for your blog.

Your opinion matters!

You can help the development of this minimalist WordPress theme, feel free to leave any comment below. I will reply to every comment.

Download Free Minimalist WordPress Theme: Zack

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